Day Two and Three. Thursday June 18th. Baltimore

It is amazing how hard it is to find the time to even maintain a blog while on the road and not to mention a internet connection. Sadly our car doesn't come equipped with on.

So Wednesday was our day off, sort of, in Baltimore. Unfortunately instead of chillin' we spent it stuffing 460 envelops with CDs and info sheet to send to radio stations in the US. When we took them to the post office they insisted on letting us buy stamps for them and not just one stamp for each envelope but 5 stamps. So it took some time to complete this task. Scott and I were so lucky that our wonderful hosts, Alan and Tina, offered to help or we would have been up all night.

At An Die MusikOn Thursday we actually had some time to go sightseeing and we saw both the pretty and ugly sides of Baltimore. The rest of our quartet, Dan Fabricatore and Loren Stillman, arrived from New York safely around 4pm. We set up at An Die Musik, rehearsed the material and then played that evening for a very appreciative and supportive crowd. We had a nice write up in the City Paper. ………….Great venue, so if ever in Baltimore check it out! You just have to love the chairs at least. Very unusual for a jazz performance space but then again An Die Musik also presents classical music.

Both days I ate sauteed swiss chard w/ green beans, garlic and ginger for breakfast. I made wonderful mung bean pasta for lunch one day and beans with greens the next. We cooked flounder for our hosts, with steamed broccoli one night and before the gig I just ate a salad. I found wonderful hazelnut oil at Safeway and am really diggin' it on everything.

56 miles / 90 km in town

STOPS: The Post Office, Safeway, Downtown Baltimore, Budget Car Rental, An Die Musik. Alan's house.


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