What a great season summer is. The sun is shining and my balcony is blooming with fresh herbs. I love it! On top of that my new album "The Dream" is also blooming on US and Canadian radio. I'm so thrilled. It jumped straight to #20 on CMJ jazz chart and straight to #3 on jazz radio in Canada. I'm so glad that the two days I spent stuffing envelopes and putting 5 stamps on each one is paying off. To celebrate it I am doing a 2 day summer sale "Pay What You Want – No Minimum" for all my albums on bandcamp including "The Dream" The sale ends August 1st 2010.

You can listen to the album right now while you are reading this post if you like. Just click play.

Bandcamp is great since you can choose full quality sound files or just mp3s. If you would like to have a physical copy of "The Dream" you can order it thru my site and I'll even autograph it upon request.

I was very fortunate to be featured on The Jazz Session with Jason Crane in June. I think it was a really good interview and I love the teaser that he sent out on Twitter. "Which Icelandic pianist got into jazz through Kool and The Gang?" That's right! I was a Kool and The Gang fan and you can hear me talk about that and the new album in this interview. Download the Jazz Session podcast of just listen to it online here.

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