I am so flattered, honored, grateful and almost speechless for all the kudos coming my way. The value of "words" is incredible.

Yesterday I started thinking back to when my band was stranded outside Detroit during the "Northeast Blackout of 2003", (read the horror story here) after having driven all that distance from NY, how we had a tire blow out on the way back to NY and we were stuck in a small town in PA, how our next tour to NC and VA was canceled because of a hurricane and I felt that the gods were either against me or telling me I should give up on music. Yesterday was the opposite. Wonderful UK musicians like Steve Lawson (read his post here) and Simon Little (read his post here) took the time to blog about my music, an NPR station in the US expressed interest in buying (lots of) copies of my new album "The Dream" to use during their fund-drive, my old teacher contacted me on Facebook to tell me that he just finished listening to it and how much he liked it, the guys at Groov Marketing sent me my report saying that over 99 radio stations are playing it and this morning I found the following comment on my Facebook wall:

"we sat out on our deck in thailand listening and were blown away by the dream.. floating with effortless time, being taken gently to the edge and gliding past it without a backward glance.. beautiful beautiful music beautifully played.. all the best to you.."

What a beautiful description!

Needless to say I felt very good about life when I went to sleep yesterday so this morning I tweeted the following "Give something today…. a smile or a compliment!" It doesn't cost anything but it has great value. Making other people feel good about today, life, themselves, what ever, is a powerful thing. Let's make it contagious! Spread the love!

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