Inspiration is an interesting thing. You could say it is a kind of a call and response… like jazz. Or maybe jazz is inspiration. At least the best performances are when the performer is the most inspired. So what inspires us? What causes that chemical reaction in our brain that opens up the channel for endless ideas?

The title track of my latest album "The Dream" came about in a stream of consciousness. I woke up one morning at my home in Brooklyn and just heard it in my head so I sat down at the piano and played it. It took me by surprise because it is in 7/8 time signature (with some metric modulations here and there) which was very unusual for me at the time. I didn't even play in odd time signatures back then so this composition seemed to pop up totally out of nowhere.

The creative folks at Nutmeg Design bought a copy of "The Dream" during my US tour last June and now they have created this beautiful piece of art inspired by it. They call it "Sunna's Dream Suncatcher" They also wrote a neat blogpost on it.  Now let's see if it will inspire a new composition in me.

I am terribly curious to hear if anyone else has been inspired by my music in some way.

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