So here I am sitting at my computer in Iceland (instead of the piano) in an effort to reach jazz listeners worldwide. I do enjoy it… that is, the feedback I get from people all over the world. It is thrilling to think that people of so many different cultures enjoy my music.

But how did that happen? Historically, an artist would hope to get signed by a reputable label who would then buy ads, wine and dine distributors and generally grease the wheels to get their artist known. These days that situation has become a rarity, especially in jazz. But I've been doing this on my own since I started. Granted, I'm no superstar, but the fact that you know about my music means a lot to me. And there's a good chance that how you found out about it was by word of mouth.

Well "word of mouth" has evolved substantially, and now you, yes YOU, can can help in a big way and be super cool at the same time. I have my music available on a site called Bandcamp and the clever people over there made it so that if you post a link to an album to your Facebook status the album is playable within Facebook (free of charge). How cool is that? So if you, dear reader, feel like spreading the word about my latest album or any of my albums just go to Bandcamp and click "Share" on any given album's page. This will give you the option of to posting it to your Facebook status among other places.

Or to post my latest album "The Dream" to Facebook just click here. You'll have both the option to write a comment about it, or change your mind and cancel.

and it will look similar to this:

If you have a blog and would like post the album to your blog use the "Share" button at Bandcamp to grab the code.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.