I had a great holiday in VA with a snowstorm and all to make me feel at home. Now I am packing my bags and cramming copies of The Dream wherever they'll fit. I wish I could have been at your local CD store, signing copies of The Dream but let's just blame it on the snowstorm. I'm here in the US for another day ready to autograph and wrap copies for their new loving owners. The title track is the featured free download on All About Jazz today. Tell your friends and if they like it they can download the album here or order an autographed copy here.

I am looking forward to beginning the new year by finishing my first trio recording in 13 years. There is as of yet no ETA on that project but I'll keep you posted. As an inspiration I am currently enjoying a Marcin Wasilewsky Trio CD that I received for Christmas and I look forward to listening to Paul Motian trio with Jason Moran and Chris Potter. Did anyone else receive any interesting recordings, piano trios or otherwise?

Happy New Year!

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