The last incarnation of my American quartet was actually half Scandinavian. The bassist Eivind Opsvik is from Norway but like myself at that time had been living in New York for a number of years. I was living in Brooklyn and he was living in Harlem which was quite the train ride away. A mutual friend, guitarist Amanda Monaco, thought I'd be interested in meeting him since we were both Scandinavian. So I called him up and he came on over to do a session. This was back in 2003 or so.

We did a tour of Europe in 2004 and the National TV in Iceland did a little feature on us during our stop in Iceland. I finally got around to record the quartet in 2009 and a friend taped our performance at the House of Sweden in Washington DC. Both of the tunes performed here are on the CD "The Dream". The other members of the band are Loren Stillman on saxophone and Scott McLemore on drums.

Anima on Icelandic National TV 2004

The Dream live at House of Sweden 2009