A new blogpost has been due for a long time. I do have a very good excuse for my absence. I've been putting together a new CD release with my trio and yesterday I launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Yay!

I have until 11.11.11 (November 11th), 11:11 am EST to reach my goal. There are some neat rewards offered for those who want to back it up and all backers are invited to hang after our show at the London Jazz Festival on November 12th… I wish I could afford to fly you all there.

The title of the album is Long Pair Bond and it all started two years ago when I asked people to suggest a title for a new composition on my page on Facebook. It is interesting to compare the video of me playing it there and the trio version which you can hear here:

If you do become a backer (or even if you don't) please spread the word about the project. Tweet it, Facebook it, email it, write it on your forehead in magic marker… whatever it takes. I'll be so grateful. Head over to Kickstarter and grab the video or the widget to share with the world.