After I released Long Pair Bond on 11/11/11, the obvious thing to do would be to release the follow-up trio album on 12/12/12, but we missed that date. It was too close to Christmas anyway. And since there is no 13/13/13 (thank goodness!), Distilled will be released on my wedding anniversary 7/19/13, and it is available for pre-order as of today!

For now, Distilled is only available directly from me via Bandcamp. Both the CD and the download are available for pre-order… and CDs come with a download. When you place your order you will be allowed to download the sample-track only. On the release date (7/19/13) CDs will be mailed out and everyone will be emailed a link to download the album.

In many ways this is a continuation of my last album, Long Pair Bond, which features the same trio: Þorgrímur Jónsson on bass and Scott McLemore on drums. The album consists of 4 of my compositions, 3 by Þorgrímur, 2 by Scott and 1 Paul Motian composition. Plus there are a couple of "Spins" (improvised pieces) which is sort of a continuation from my album The Dream.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop this material in front of wonderful audiences over the past year. Two of the concerts on the west coast were recorded and broadcast, and I'm hoping to post these recordings to give a point of reference for how some tunes mature.

Thanks everyone for listening.