Ancestry on vinyl!

There are no words for how relieved I am to finally have my first vinyl pressing ever. After delays and flaws and "technical issues" Ancestry is now available as a 12" 180g LP. We couldn't fit all the tracks from the CD version, but when you order from Bandcamp you also get a digital download of the whole thing. The process of trying to structure the LP to make musical sense and yet fit on 2 sides is another store entirely. Talk about hard decisions.

Otherwise, Freyjujazz is starting up again and we have 4 women from Germany visiting in honor of the 70th anniversary of 240 German women who settled in Iceland to work on farms. We're very lucky to have pianist Julia Hüslmann, saxophonist Therisia Philipp, bassist Clara Däbler and drummer Lizzy Scharnofske. I also get to participate as part of a collaboration with the group and Icelandic vocalist Stina Ágústsdóttir.

If you're in Iceland we'll be at the National Gallery on Thursday June 13th from 5:15 to 6:00pm.