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You Are In Control

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Sunna Gunnlaugs performing at the You Are In Control conference in Reykjavik, Iceland.With one solo performance under my belt (my solo debut on the Reykjavik Jazz Festival last month), I was invited to perform solo piano during a lunch break at the international music conference You Are In Control. It was definitely interesting to perform my compositions sort of as a cocktail pianist, with movie directors and music industry people networking and chatting all around, wondering if I was too loud or maybe not being heard. It wasn't a concert but not just for ambiance either. It remains to be seen if I actually reached any ears.

I attended some of the workshops and lectures being offered, in search of inspiration or ideas to reach a wider audience. Máni Svavarsson, composer for TV show Lazytown; Ralph Simon, head of London based Mobilium Advisory Group; and Sigurjon Sighvatsson, producer and owner of Palomar Pictures all talked about one having to believe in oneself. (I must mention that I got a kick out of how Simon kept pronouncing Máni's name "money." He is, after all, the composer bringing in the most royalties in Iceland.) Alicen Schneider, NBC gave insights into how music is selected for scenes on TV shows (so of course, I handed her a couple of CDs and said that Heros needed Icelandic jazz), and listening to Hampus Kivimae, Sony/ATV Publishing Scandinavia made me rethink whether I should get a publisher. (read more…)

I have a blog

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This is the very first post in my new blog. I hope that it will become an enjoyable way to communicate with people around the world. So if you are reading this please leave a comment. I intend to write about things I like such as jazz (duh), food and I guess what ever is interesting to me at the moment.

And please subscribe to the rss feed which you can do with a reader (such as Google Reader).

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