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Worst Road Trip Ever

November 24, 2009 12:13 am | Filed under: Road Stories | Comments (4)
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I've been planning on posting a series of stories from some of my road trips, and today on twitter I got the inspiration to kick it off. Guitarist Rob Michael (@AtmosTrio) sent out a 'tweet' with the hashtag #cheesegigthrowdown, asking musicians to share their lamest gig moment. It got me thinking about not just my most lame gig but one disastrous road trip.

When I was living in Brooklyn, I had avoided touring the US because the cities were so far between and so much driving was involved with shitty food along the way. In 2003 I decided to go for it. Yeah!  My album "Live in Europe" had just been released, I had hired a radio promoter and I had invitations to play at nice venues in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. So I grabbed my boys, bassist Matt Pavolka and drummer/hubby Scott McLemore and off we drove in our fabulous Ford Windstar. (read more…)