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The Fun of Making Do

May 7, 2010 1:59 pm | Filed under: Music | Comments (0)
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This week was an unusual one for me because I played four nightsScottBopScottScott in a row, at the same venue, with the same jazz quintet, Scott plays Bop//Scott plays Scott. That is unusual in Iceland. We were premiering music by drummer Scott McLemore and I was playing both Wurlitzer electric piano and an acoustic piano. We had a great time playing and were pleasantly surprised by the attendance every night and most delighted with the review in the Morning Paper. Scott can not only play drums, write music and cook great food, he also a very creative designer and he designed his own poster. I love it! Don't you?

Today I'm reaping the emotional satisfaction of the project but also paying for the late (read more…)

Scott Plays Scott

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I've been a terrible host lately but in my defense I have been busy preparing a new CD (to be released in June), booking tour dates in US in June, taking care of travel arrangements and rehearsing new music with the Scott McLemore quintet. We are playing 4 nights this week in Reykjavik and it is really great music. So if you are in the greater Reykjavik area don't miss this unique opportunity to see a band develop new material. The event is called "Scott plays Bop, Scott plays Scott"

Why a Pianist Brings a Roll of Toilet Paper to a Gig

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Last week I performed all original, unreleased music with my trio. It had been months since we'd played together. We were offered this gig with only a few days notice and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get us going again, especially since I want to record the trio this summer. (read more…)

Touring Central Europe

February 24, 2010 1:00 pm | Filed under: Music,Road Stories | Comments (1)
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I have played in Central Europe only once and it was quite an experience. It was March 2002. We had been performing in Western Europe and had grown accustomed to crossing borders without showing passports, not having to worry about exchanging currency and communicating using either English, German or French. You might say we'd been spoiled. As soon as we crossed the border of Austria into Central Europe it was apparent that we had left our comfort zone and were in for something decidedly different. (read more…)

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