'Tis the season for giving, and so I'm putting my albums on sale for 3 days!* If you'd like you can go to my Bandcamp page and "pay-what-you-like" for any and all downloads. That means you can name your price: $5, $10, $20 or what ever you are capable of or feel they are worth. Even if it's $0.00, I'd rather you have it than not. You can also download unreleased material for free there while you're at it.

If you like to give a physical copy to someone for Xmas, upon request I will autograph it, gift-wrap it, lovingly put it in a cushioned envelope, personally escort it to the post office and kiss it goodbye.
Just use the "Special Instructions to Seller" field during checkout on PayPal or send me an email. You can purchase physical copies for $10 and $13 plus shipping here. I have 5 albums and if you would like to ask me something about them or get recommendations please do so by leaving a comment.

<a href="">Upp á himins bláum boga by Sunna Gunnlaugs</a>

Right now I think the album "Songs from Iceland" makes a great gift. It features interpretations of 5 songs that are considered traditional in Iceland but two of them also exist in Germany. One is titled Ein Männlein Steht Im Walde and the other Dorfkinderwalzer. The album features the same personnel as on "Mindful"; Tony Malaby on sax, Drew Gress on bass and Scott McLemore on drums. Jazz critic Peter Hum recently wrote about "Songs from Iceland" "It has a warm, satisfying blend of rigor and freedom. Similarly, despite being just five songs long, the disc has considerable emotional range, balancing moments of high energy with expressions of vulnerability and tenderness." (Read the whole review.)

Whatever you choose, or even if you don't choose, I hope your holidays are filled with joy and cheer.

All the best from Iceland.

* [Expires Dec. 17 at midnight, Icelandic time.]

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