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The Fun of Making Do

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This week was an unusual one for me because I played four nightsScottBopScottScott in a row, at the same venue, with the same jazz quintet, Scott plays Bop//Scott plays Scott. That is unusual in Iceland. We were premiering music by drummer Scott McLemore and I was playing both Wurlitzer electric piano and an acoustic piano. We had a great time playing and were pleasantly surprised by the attendance every night and most delighted with the review in the Morning Paper. Scott can not only play drums, write music and cook great food, he also a very creative designer and he designed his own poster. I love it! Don't you?

Today I'm reaping the emotional satisfaction of the project but also paying for the late (read more…)

Scott Plays Scott

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I've been a terrible host lately but in my defense I have been busy preparing a new CD (to be released in June), booking tour dates in US in June, taking care of travel arrangements and rehearsing new music with the Scott McLemore quintet. We are playing 4 nights this week in Reykjavik and it is really great music. So if you are in the greater Reykjavik area don't miss this unique opportunity to see a band develop new material. The event is called "Scott plays Bop, Scott plays Scott"

Why a Pianist Brings a Roll of Toilet Paper to a Gig

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Last week I performed all original, unreleased music with my trio. It had been months since we'd played together. We were offered this gig with only a few days notice and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get us going again, especially since I want to record the trio this summer. (read more…)

The Ingenious Music of Bill Frisell

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I belong to a collective trio called Frisell Projekt. It was initiated by my hubby, drummer Scott McLemore a few years ago and also includes bassist Róbert Þórhallsson. As the group name indicates we focus on music by guitarist Bill Frisell. The neat thing is that we are a guitar-less trio and I mostly play my vintage wurlitzer electric piano. When we first started rehearsing this music it was so intriguing to find ways to transfer his arrangements to our instrumentation. It really makes me and Róbert think differently. I may have a melody part in my right hand, another melody part in my left hand while he is playing a bass groove and chordal accompaniment. Scott has it easy… just hitting some drums. (read more…)

Concert Tonight

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Tonight I am performing with guitarist Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson. We have been playing together since last summer and it is interesting that we have the same last name. He is the son of Gunnlaugur and I am the daughter of Gunnlaugur, but two different Gunnlaugurs, so we're not related. We have a nice musical connection though. (read more…)

A Bass is Not a Cello – The Preface to a Tour

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I am beginning to plan tours again. Currently I am working on booking dates for June in the US and starting to look to Europe for fall. I am also trying to finish up the recording I made in New York last summer with Loren Stillman, Eivind Opsvik and Scott McLemore. As I was browsing through my tour-related files I came across a tour diary from 2003. There is so much planning and organizing that goes into booking a tour. So many details to take care of. Stressful situations come up but things always work out in the end and in hindsight become humorous. (read more…)

Worst Road Trip Ever

November 24, 2009 12:13 am | Filed under: Road Stories | Comments (4)
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I've been planning on posting a series of stories from some of my road trips, and today on twitter I got the inspiration to kick it off. Guitarist Rob Michael (@AtmosTrio) sent out a 'tweet' with the hashtag #cheesegigthrowdown, asking musicians to share their lamest gig moment. It got me thinking about not just my most lame gig but one disastrous road trip.

When I was living in Brooklyn, I had avoided touring the US because the cities were so far between and so much driving was involved with shitty food along the way. In 2003 I decided to go for it. Yeah!  My album "Live in Europe" had just been released, I had hired a radio promoter and I had invitations to play at nice venues in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. So I grabbed my boys, bassist Matt Pavolka and drummer/hubby Scott McLemore and off we drove in our fabulous Ford Windstar. (read more…)