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From Time to Time4:15At the Nordic House: Motian ConcertBandcamp
Long Pair Bond3:32Long Pair
The Dream5:43The
Heim nú reikur hugurinn3:00Fagra Verö
Icelandic Poptune (by Scott McLemore)4:33Unreleased
Anima4:04for Icelandic televisionBandcamp
Vitjun6:03At VonarsalurBandcamp
The Dream6:03At VonarsalurBandcamp
The Dream8:26At House of SwedenBandcamp
Það búa litlir dvergar7:24At House of SwedenBandcamp
A Garden Someday3:39Solo: At the Nordic HouseBandcamp
Það búa litlir dvergar5:16Songs from IcelandBandcamp
Crab Canon06:44At Cafe CulturaBandcamp
Not What But How06:04At Cafe CulturaBandcamp
Tunnel Vision11:03At The Lily PadBandcamp