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Touring the US part 2

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19 Eugene OR
We served ourselves some lovely mix of avocado, berries and cacao nibs for breakfast. It beats "Awful" House. Tweeted out a call for a recommendations for the best coffee house in Eureka but with no reply defaulted to Starbucks. Toggi in Eureka, CAThe old houses in Eureka are amazing. We were sure the Adam's family originated in one of them. Scott drove and the bambi-watch had ended and the elk-watch begun.

Driving up the coastline to Crescent City I wasn't sure if I was more blown away by Bud Powell's solo break on Celia, the totally killing chocolates by Michael Mischer that our friend Artemis brought to our Berkeley gig, the waves of the Pacific Ocean, the elks chillin' by the road or the size of the Redwood Trees. I think Paul McCartney must have been driving this way when he wrote The Long and Winding Road. (read more…)

Touring the US part 1

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Hi everybody,

Our tour of the US is going great. We've been so busy that we haven't had a moment to post updates but here are the 1st 3 days.

16 Berkeley CA
Scott had forgotten his shoes in VA so the first order of business was to hunt down a Camper store and get the boy some shoes. We took the bus in and felt like we were in China. The bus reeked of ammonia and people were covering their face with their hands and clothes. Toggi and Scott get CamperedLooking around I noticed a homeless guy who looked like someone had puked over his hair. The bus driver eventually kicked him off. A brutal reminder that some people are less fortunate than others. The guys got all shoed up at the camper store and we're going to petition for a "camper tour support." (read more…)

Pre-tour Madness, YouTube Flattery

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Things are crazy busy. I'm preparing like a maniac for our 2 week bi-coastal tour of the US and there are just not enough hours in the day. It is funny to think back to some of the hurdles we had to overcome in the past when touring. Like when the bass broke, or when FedEx operator thought Luxemburg was a city in the country of Europe, or when we drove all the way from New York to Detroit and had to turnaround because of the Northeast Blackout of 2003. Well, in the midst of all the craziness of booking last minute gigs, flights, rental cars and radio interviews it's a pleasant surprise to see a video of one of our tunes created by a listener up on You Tube.

Jazz Ahead

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I just returned from Bremen where I attended the JazzAhead conference for the second time. Last year I almost canceled last minute then almost didn't get there because of a row of canceled flights. Well this time it was a smooth journey and it didn't hurt to have my trio with me. At first I was a bit overwhelmed at the conference. I didn't have a plan and I asked myself "What am I doing here?" Then I started seeing familiar faces and …oh my, tapas at the cafeteria! Oh yes! (read more…)

Starting a Tour with a Big Bang!

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Last September I headed over to Germany with my quartet for some gigs. We landed in Frankfurt and when we stepped off the plane we saw a suitcase fall from the luggage compartment and hit the pavement. We made some jokes about it then went inside to wait for our luggage. After waiting for a while and a bit longer than that we started sharing lost luggage stories and instrument related mishaps. We were quite relieved when our luggage including the double bass finally showed up. The bass was in an over sized flight case which we had to store at the airport. When we opened the case Toggi, the bassist, almost fell on the floor crying, (read more…)

Long Pair Bond is Out

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I'm just smiling inside and out. My new album "Long Pair Bond" is out and I am getting great feedback from reviewers and listeners. I especially love all the personal notes that people are sending me through various social media sites. I know that if someone takes the time to sit down and write me a note that they really mean what they say.

The title track is available at AllAboutJazz as a free download and an editor left the following comment:

"Wow, wow, WOW! So damn pretty. This song has the restrained ambiance of a typical ECM-label piano trio, but with the buoyant soulfulness that makes Keith Jarrett's 70's American Quartet such a joy to listen to. Highly recommended."

How awesome is that?  Or this one by Jon Wertheim:

“Too much spaciness can wreck a good album, and too much earth can, too. Long Pair Bond gets pretty darn close to the perfect balance.” – Adevout Musician

These comments make me feel good. Releasing a CD is a long road with a lot of work so knowing that your work is appreciated by someone out there is very valuable and encouraging.

If you would like to buy "Long Pair Bond" directly from me and you live in Iceland leave a comment or send me an email (my address is in the far right column), if you live outside of Iceland you can order it from my shop. If you like it gift-wrapped and sent directly to the recipient drop me a note. (I ship from USA for USA customers and from Iceland to European customers).

Have a listen:

Long Pair Bond

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A new blogpost has been due for a long time. I do have a very good excuse for my absence. I've been putting together a new CD release with my trio and yesterday I launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Yay! (read more…)

Concert in Reykjavík then Germany and Austria

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I'm very excited to be playing 7 concerts with my quartet in the next 10 days. On Friday we will give a concert at the beautiful Tjodmenningarhus in Reykjavik and on Tuesday we fly to Frankfurt and play that night at Europe's oldest jazz club Jazzkeller. After that we will make stops in Passau, Vorchdorf (Austria), Backnang, Mainz and Pfaffenhofen Ilm. (read more…)

A Few Trees Growing

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A few months ago I wrote a blogpost about Planting a Thousand Seeds to grow ten trees, well I am excited to tell you that the trees are growing. I've managed to fill in my mini tour of Europe in September so my quartet now has 5 consecutive concerts. My trio, which just finished recording new material for a CD due out in the fall, will be performing the opening night of the Reykjavik Jazz Festival on August 20th. (read more…)

Videos of NY 4tet from 2004 and 2009

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The last incarnation of my American quartet was actually half Scandinavian. The bassist Eivind Opsvik is from Norway but like myself at that time had been living in New York for a number of years. (read more…)

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